Lightning in a Bottle

Lightning in a Bottle. My new favorite phrase! Let me tell you why.

Recently a friend and I were chatting about book publishing and she used the phrase “lightning in a bottle” to describe the magic an author needs to get a best selling book on the market. For some reason this phrase struck a cord with me. I rolled it around in my head all afternoon. Lightning in a bottle.

According to the Urban Dictionary, Lightning in a Bottle means “to capture something powerful and elusive and then being able to hold it and show it to the world”. Typically the phrase is used to describe a creative process like writing a song, painting a masterpiece or making a movie.

But, what I love about the phrase Lightning in a Bottle is that it describes us. You and me. You see, you are Source energy in a physical body. You are an extension of the Divine. You are God manifested. You are an eternal, powerful energy that has coalesced in a physical form for a short time. You are energy that is creative in nature. Energy that wants to be shown to the world. Energy that wanted to be manifested.

You are lightning in a bottle!

And just like lightning we don’t always understand its true nature but we do understand what it is capable of doing. So, this begs the question what can captured lightning do? It can illuminate the world. It can shine brightly so that all can see. It can add warmth and comfort. It can dispel the shadows in the dark corners. It can electrify. It’s creative power is limitless!

We are this elusive magic that is created to shine through form. Why? Because it is thrilling to “capture” Source energy in form! It is magical and exciting to see what can happen when Source is held for a short time and flowed in creative ways.

How will you allow your energy to flow today?