Life is Like a Bucking Bronco

Have you ever been to a rodeo and watched a cowboy or cowgirl ride a bucking bronco? Those riders are focused, tuned in and ready for the ride of their life. Once that gate opens and the horse enters the arena there is no turning back. The riders are prepared to stay on that horse until their allowed time is complete.

Life is kind of the same way. Each of us comes into this physical life ready and prepared for the ride. As a Soul-self we know that there will be some bucking, jumping and kicking. As a Soul-self we eagerly await the challenge and the thrill of getting into the arena to see what life is going to bring us. As a Soul, we absolutely love the idea of the ride!

But, the personality-self can sometimes get in the way once we are in the physical body. Our personality-self can grip to tightly to the reins or clench our knees into the body of life. We can fret over our allotted time on the clock or worry about our performance before we even begin. Worst of all we can clam up with fear and not even want to leave the gate. At some point all of us have allowed fear to get in the way of enjoying the ride.

So, how do we set our personality fears aside so that life can lead us?

We lean in to what we innately know. Which is that you are prepared for this life. You have everything you need. Any knowledge, stamina, wisdom that is required for this life was given to you way before you decided to get on the horse. You knew what you were asking to experience and the Universe found you a horse to ride in on.

Now all you must do is relax, hold on, and allow the horse of life to do its thing. It’s going to buck, kick and run. And that is okay.

When you stop trying to control the ride and relax into the exhilarating fun of being on the horse of life then you can raise your hat in the air and let out a big Whoo Hoo!