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I love to meditate. It is one of my favorite things to do.

But, when I first began meditating, it was HARD. Thoughts popped up demanding my attention, my to-do-list would grow, and I would feel stuff—emotions that weren’t always pleasant.

Maybe you can relate?

You want a consistent meditation practice.

You want to look forward to “sitting on your cushion”.

You want to find sacred bliss.

But, life gets in the way.

Frustrating, I know.

Please don’t give up. Meditation is life changing. It opens you up to know that you are more than your physical body and stretches your perceived reality so that you come into contact with the Divine.

Consistency is the key to a successful mediation practice, and it’s helpful to track your experiences to prove to yourself that meditation is “working”. If you believe your meditation practice is useful, then you will keep it up!

Personally, I use a Meditation Journal. I find it invaluable! I use it to jot down insights, track my progress, and keep me consistent. This journal is only used to record my meditations. To keep my journaling from another thing I have to do, I make them short, sweet and to the point.

If you would like to try this for yourself, you can download a sample journal entry here. Feel free to use the template I created for you, or make up your own.

A few helpful tips:

  • When “reminders” of things I want to do (like buy Dewey’s dog food) pop into my head, I note them in my journal so I can let the thought go and return to my meditation.
  • When ideas come about a blog post or workshop, I note it. Again, it allows me to release the helpful idea until later.
  • I also use my journal to track insights that I receive—teachings and understanding my Vibe Tribe explains to me.
  • If you have any questions, about your meditations or how to use your journal, you can find me here.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!