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Intuition grows stronger through awareness and practice. Paying attention to our intuitive flashes will naturally help them to grow.

Unlike problem-solving that can feel hard and frustrating, intuition works best when it feels fun and light.

Below are suggestions to experiment with your intuition. Be playful about it. Don’t worry about getting it “right”. Doubt is counterproductive—it will cloud your ability to sense. Stay curious and open.

Intuit Who Is On The Phone—We are all energetically connected and can sense each other’s presence, moods, and thoughts. A fun way to explore this idea is to intuit who is calling you. The next time your phone rings before you look at the caller ID, take a breath, close your eyes, ask who is calling, see/hear/ feel/know whatever name initially pops into your head and then check to see if it is the same person on the phone.

Create—Creativity and Intuition are intimately connected because they both use your imagination. To prime, the pump of your intuition begin creating for the fun of it. Art, music, dinner, gardening—anything where you stretch your imagination muscles.

Make a Decision From Your Heart—The heart center contains a wealth of knowledge. Heart awareness allows you to feel your way through life instead of thinking your way through life. Today make a decision from your heart by taking a breath, closing your eyes, now sink your awareness into your heart area, ask it a question, listen for the answer. You may feel, hear, know, or see the answer, but it will have a different quality than a response from your mind.

Breathe—Noticing our breath brings us to the present. It gets us out of our head and into our bodies where intuition can be sensed. The next time you find yourself ruminating about the past or planning for the future, take a breath and allow yourself to arrive in the present day experience. Everything you need to know is right here.

Relax—Relax your body. When you hold stress in your body, it is difficult to intuit messages. A relaxed body acts like a sponge to absorb energetic information.

Ask your Body—Your body is full of wisdom. It knows how to take care of itself. Disregard “health guidelines” for a moment and ask your body what it really wants for breakfast. It will tell you.

Re-see an Object—The mind’s eye, located between the eyebrows and back a bit, can see much more than our normal vision. To increase this ability focus on an object, close your eyes, and then recreate that object in your mind’s eye. The more detailed you can be with your re-creation, the better.

Keep a Record—Keep a record of your Intuitive hits, the ones you followed and the ones you didn’t. Keeping a record proves to your logical mind that you can trust your intuition. The more your logical mind understands that intuition is helpful, the more it won’t dismiss it.

See—Look at the items close to you. Look at the things far away from you. Hold the far and close items in one field of vision. This is relaxed seeing. You will notice the tension goes out of your body as you hold everything gently in one field of vision. This same relaxed focus is required to read energy.

Intuit Cards—Place a deck of cards on the table. Breathe. Without attachment to outcome intuit what color card you will turn over from the top of the deck. Play this game until you notice that you are “wanting to get it right”. When that happens, you have slipped into your analytical mind. Come back to the game at another time.

Ask a Book—The next time you need an answer to a question use the wisdom of a book. Ask your question, open a book to a random page, place your finger on the page and read what is there. How does this information apply to your situation? What wisdom is there for you?

Meditate for 20 Minutes—Meditation helps you hear your inner guidance by tuning out the physical world. It gets you accustom to turning within for answers instead of looking outside ourselves.

Neutral Zone—Find your neutral zone that feeling of calm centered connection. This feeling of the neutral zone is similar to the feeling when you find your groove as you swing a golf club with effortless freedom. It also feels like the feeling of being swept away by the fun of a concert when the artist plays your favorite song. It could feel like the feeling at the end of a lazy day sitting on the porch with your dog knowing that there is nowhere you would rather be. Your neutral zone is the essence of you. See how often you can tap into it today.

Ask Your Vibe Tribe—Your Vibe Tribe is what I call your Energy-beings who signed up to support you this lifetime. They knew you before you came into this body. They are your Energy friends and colleagues. Try asking this intimate

support group for an answer today. Don’t ask for the answer to show up in a certain way. Allow your Vibe Tribe to use the path of least resistance to get the message to you. My Vibe Tribe loves to use T-shirts with phrases on them to get through to me.

Say Thank You—Say thank you for every intuitive flash. Appreciation opens the connection to your Soul, Vibe Tribe and Source.

Daydream—Allow your imagination to play in the form of a fantasy. Daydreaming opens you up to the possibilities of other outcomes and ways of being. It uses your imagination to create other realities.

Hold an Object—Have a friend give you an object. Hold the item in your hand. After finding your neutral zone, sense into the object. Ask the object what it wants you to know. Tell your friend what you sense. Don’t censor yourself. Allow yourself to say whatever comes into your awareness.

Listen—Listen to the sounds close to you. Listen to the sounds far away from you. Hold all the sounds in one field of hearing. Allow all the sounds to be equal. This exercise helps you to hear in a new way. It expands your ability to “hear” your inner wisdom as clearly as you hear your physical world.

Notice Synchronicities—The Universe speaks in synchronicities. Why? Because as a human you can’t orchestrate them. It opens you up to the idea that they come from another realm. More is going on than what is here in the physical.

Feel for the Energy—This is another one that you can’t create on your own. It comes from a deeper realm of being. When you feel for the energy in your body, you know for sure that you are connected to something bigger than you.