It’s Time to Take the Weird Out of Woo-woo!

Ya’ll, I am going to be straight with you. I used to think woo-woo was so weird! It was such an odd juxtaposition because I was so curious about energy and insight but I was freaked out by the strangeness of it all. I had no idea how it worked or why.

Like so many folks, I was walking around with outdated images of woo-woo in my head. Think… a dimly lit back room with a tapestry covered table. In the center of the table is a giant crystal ball. Tons of lit candles surround the room and eerie music is playing in the background. There is an old lady with a wart on her chin offering to tell your fortune. Ya’ll, this is what I believed!

Looking back I know that the image I had playing in my mind was probably  picked up from Hollywood movies. However, this picture couldn’t be further from the truth. The old ideas of woo-woo (meaning psychics, astrologers, tarot card readers, etc.) are pretty out there but I am here to tell you that Woo-woo is not weird. It is the most natural and normal way to view yourself, others and the world.

You see, humans have become so accustom to using our reasoning minds to make most of our decisions that we discount intuition and insight. There is not one thing wrong with reason but it is not the only tool in the tool bag. It’s like trying to build a house and only using a hammer. Every once in a while you just need a saw. Don’t get me wrong you might be able to build a whole house with just a hammer but it would probably be a bit lopsided. Who wants to live in a lopsided house much less live a lopsided life?

There is so much more information and insight available than just the information in our human mind. The Universe is full of wisdom and knows what is important to you (every little thing) and how to help you. It wants to be useful. It wants to speak. Are you listening?