Integrity. Authenticity. Transparency. Truth.

Is all the spiritual talk about living in your truth, following your integrity, being authentic, and transparent confusing you? Does it feel like another thing that you have to get right when in reality, you’re just trying to get through the day without losing your shit?

I get it. This well-meaning advice can make your head spin. Even worse, it can make you give up on your spiritual journey because it feels too hard to figure out the “right way.”

It’s time to give yourself a break because Spirit is not demanding some lofty standard from you or judging how you’re doing.

This is what Spirit knows about you…

  • You’re being authentic right where you are because you can be nothing else. You are what you are at this moment. Spirit is totally okay with that.
  • You are transparent to Spirit. Spirit knows you inside and out and sees nothing but good. Did you get that? Spirt sees you as GOOD.
  • You’re already living in your integrity because you’re whole. Spirit never sees you as broken or in need of fixing. 
  • The truth is Spirit appreciates your willingness to be alive in a physical body. Spirit knows you can’t get your life wrong—no such thing in Spirit’s vocabulary.
  • Spirit wishes only for your happiness.