On my blog, in my newsletter, and in my Soul Food videos, you’ll often hear me using words like “soul,” “energy,” and “purpose.” But what do these words actually mean?

This page explains what these words mean—at least, from my perspective. Below are my personal definitions. I’ve tried to express these big, spiritual ideas as simply as possible.

If these definitions resonate with you, that’s beautiful! If not, I invite you to come up with your own personal definitions, too.


Source is sometimes called the Universe, Divine, God, Goddess, All-That-Is, and many other names. Source is everything that ever was, everything that is, and everything that will be. Source is the origin of all things. Source is like a vast ocean and we are molecules of water within the ocean. We are part of Source and connected to Source at all times.


Your soul is the eternal part of you. Your soul existed before you came into this human body and it exists after you leave. Your soul is the real you that decided to participate in the human adventure.

Soul Journey

Your soul comes into your human form with an intention—a particular kind of experience it wants to have. In this lifetime, your soul’s intention might be, “I want to experience the emotion of compassion.” In your next lifetime, your soul’s intention might be, “I want to experience the emotion of grief.” And then in your next lifetime after that, your soul’s intention might be, “I want to experience what it’s like to have a physical challenge.”

Your soul is very ancient and curious and loves to experience new things. This can be frustrating for us humans! Sometimes we think, “Why did my soul choose this! This isn’t fun for me! This isn’t good!” But for your soul, things are not “good” or “bad,” “pleasant” or “unpleasant”—for your soul, everything is just a different flavor of the human experience.

Vibe Tribe

As humans we come into this physical reality with a support team of Energy Beings to guide, help, encourage and love us. You may call them angels, guides, or spirits. Every person is connected to their own unique Vibe Tribe.


Your intuition is your inner wisdom—that little voice inside that whispers guidance to you. “Go on that date.” “Don’t take that job.” “Read this book.” “Call your sister right now.” Everyone is born with intuition, but some people tune into it more “strongly” than others. It’s like singing. Everyone can sing a basic song, like “Happy Birthday.” But some people are born with the most incredible voice—they pop out of the womb and they can sing like Dolly Parton or Beyonce.

Just like you can study and practice to improve your singing abilities, you can study and practice to strengthen your intuitive abilities, too. Meditating, for example, is one way to hone your intuition.


Everything is made from energy. The trees outside. The sky. Your coffee cup. You. The emotion of love. The feeling of anger. Visible things and invisible things—are all comprised of energy.

Energy signature

Your energy signature is your energetic thumbprint. One of a kind. It’s unique to your soul, your human body, and your personality. Your energy signature is what makes your energy different from, say, the energy of the coffee cup next to you. When I do an intuitive reading for a client, one thing I tune into is their energy signature—to see what your soul is experiencing in this human form, in this lifetime.


Your soul comes into your human form with an intention—which is another way of saying, a purpose. Your soul’s purpose is usually somewhat “broad.” For instance, “In this lifetime, my purpose is to nurture others.” Your soul’s purpose is to “nurture”—but how will that purpose be fulfilled? Well, that’s up to you! You could decide, “I will become a parent and dedicate my life to nurturing my kids,” or “I will nurture my younger colleagues at work and mentor them” or “I will start a restaurant and serve nurturing, comforting food.” As a human being, you get to take your soul’s purpose and express it however you want. There’s not just “one correct way” to fulfill this purpose. There are infinite ways to do it—and you get a “say” in how it happens.

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