How to Understand Your Intuition, Even When Your Logical Brain Gets in the Way

Understanding the difference between your intuition and a regular old thought is HUGE. It will save you angst, time, and misdirected action.

Here are a few clues to help you know the difference.

Inspiration                                                                      Thought

 -feels like a fresh idea                                                           -similar to your own thoughts

-has depth and energy behind it                                          -feels flat like cardboard

-drops into your awareness                                                  -comes from your mind

-comes at unexpected times                                                 -comes while wrestling problem

-accompanied by a sensation in heart or gut                    -feels like it comes from head

-feels clear but without emotion                                           -weighted with emotion

-doesn’t feel like it comes from your analytical mind       -arises directly from logical brain

If you are contemplating a next move or deliberating a problem and would like some one-on-one help discerning between your intuition and your analytical brain, I am happy to help.