How to Set an Intention

The next time you would like to manifest something in your life try these steps.

1. Envison.

Envision the intention that you would like to see manifest. Write it down on the top of a piece of paper and circle it. For example, I would like to make more money.

2. Create.

Then ask yourself…what would I have to believe for this to manifest? Underneath your circled intention make a list of those beliefs you want to believe in order for your intention to manifest in your life. Using the money example, you may write I believe I am capable, I believe I am deserving, I believe money is everywhere, I believe money can come to me in a variety of ways, I believe money is energy and easily manifested, etc. Write whatever feels believable to you. This should feel easy and fun.

3. Believe.

After doing this exercise you can trust that you have a deliberate intention and that you have created the belief framework to support your intention. Begin to believe that your framework is creating the space for your intention to manifest.

4. Awareness.

Throughout your day notice when you are practicing the beliefs that support your original intention. When your are not in the supportive belief zone, gently shift your thoughts to those that are more in alignment with your intention. This is a gentle process. No beating yourself up for thinking the opposite thoughts. Again, this should feel fun.

5. Trust.

All things, emotions, circumstances and states of being are energy. By participating in this exercise you are creating the energetic space for the manifestation to pop into your life. It is making its way to you because you are creating a home for it with your new belief structure.