How to Make the Magical Power of the Echo Work for You

Have you ever stood at the mouth of a cave and yelled, “Hello!” and after a short pause from the cave’s deep belly you hear “hello, hello, hello” echoing back to you?

An echo is a fantastic thing to experience. It feels like magic. It feels like something is answering you.

Life is an echo. It always gives back to you exactly what you emit.  

If you output love, love echos back.

If you output frustration, frustrating things appear so you can experience more frustration.

If you emit peace, life will give you peaceful things to witness.

If you emit anger, sure enough, more shit appears to make you angrier.

Your energy comes back to you because you are creating your life as you go. Your attitude and focus bring to you things that match the energy you emit.

You see the Universe is not judging you and it’s not parenting you. The Universe allows you to experience your power to create exactly what you want, and then it willingly provides manifestations that match your output of energy.

The Universe is thoughtful – it knows we sometimes create in default mode instead of intentionally. So, our world is designed with a bit of lag time between our output and our receiving, just like an echo has a pause before it returns to the speaker.

When we notice we are outputting negativity we can shift our energy before the Universe’s echo manifests more negativity into our lives. The Universe gives us time and space to tweak our creations before they materialize. The universe allows us to mold into place what we want to emit and receive.

Or, if you don’t realize what you are creating energetically, you can wait for the echo to appear in the form of a manifestation. Then you can begin again with a different output.

Your life is up to you. You may love what you are outputting and enjoy what you are receiving, or you may want to adjust your output to a different energy, so you receive something different.

You have creative control of your life. Just remember—Emit. Receive. Adjust.