How to Create the Reality You Want by Paying Attention to 3 Important Things

If you’re into the woo-woo (which you probably are if you’re reading this ;)), then you’ve heard this line before—You Create Your Own Reality.

But if you don’t know how to create the reality you want, then being responsible for creating your reality can feel like a burden instead of super empowering.

But not anymore, because it’s time to feel POWERFUL!

How do you create the reality you want to experience? 

It’s super easy and doable if you start paying attention to 3 important things.

  • what you’re focused on 
  • the meaning you’re giving it
  • what level of consciousness are you in at the time
What You’re Focused On

What gets your attention? What thoughts, circumstances, people are you giving airtime?

For example, are you focused on the annoying, snarky comment your sister said to you on the phone today, or are you focused on how your sister knows you longer (maybe even better) than anyone else in your world? 

The Meaning You Give It

How are you spinning it? 

I’m going to let you in on a bit of a secret. There is no one reality. Yep. It’s all perspective, and that personal perspective makes whatever you’re telling yourself true for you. So why not try telling the story in a way that makes you feel better?

What’s Your Level of Consciousness

This is everything.

Suppose you’re hanging around in denser energies. In that case, you will focus on the negative and assign bleak, dark meanings to your beautiful life. For example, ever been irritated, maybe even enraged at the sweet, persistent, lively, beautiful bluebird singing its little birdie song outside your window? Welcome to the dense side.  

It’s easy to know when you are in dense energy. If you are identifying problems, complaining, judging, over-thinking, or analyzing—you’re there. 

The cure is to lighten up. Expanded states of consciousness feel good. So, find something to feel good about! Anything will work. Use easy, simple things to shift your energy into a higher state of being.

Power is consciously choosing an expanded state. Expanding your vibration into higher/lighter frequencies allows you to experience more energy. When you experience more energy, you can sense more possibilities and potentials. Your life feels full of options and choices.

More options = more freedom = creating a life you love.