Create Your Best Life by Knowing the 3 Rules Your Soul Knows

Imagine yourself as an artist in the best studio available. There’s every color of paint you can imagine, canvases of all sizes, brushes, clay, metals, glass, any material you could want waiting for you to bring it to life. 

You are given free rein to use everything available.

You can pick one medium and use it forever, or you can switch it up constantly. You can paint, or sculpt, or weld or sew. Whatever you like. You decide what’s most pleasing.

And, you are under no pressure to finish. No deadline. No finish line. You get to work on your masterpiece at your own pace. 

Plus, you naturally understand the rules:

  • There is no right thing to create.
  • There is no right way to create.
  • There is no right outcome.

Your only work is to create with any or all of the available materials.

Can you feel the feeling of freedom that would inspire your work? Can you imagine creating from a place of pure inspiration, ready abundance, and infinite time? What would you create under those circumstances? What could you do?

This may sound like a dream scenario, but from your Soul-self perspective, this is precisely how human life feels. It feels full of possibilities, full of magic waiting to happen, and full of mysteries ready to be revealed! 

You, the Soul you, relishes the human experience. It cherishes the privilege of creating in the physical realm. The Soul loves being manifested, and when you align with your Soul-self, you can feel the same thrill, excitement and knowing that it experiences.

Remembering who you genuinely are gives you access to this knowledge.

The first step to living as your true nature on Earth is to remember that you are a Soul, and the first step is the most important.