How Creating and Allowing go Hand in Hand in Designing A Life You Love

You create your own reality.

Accept what is.

Live the life you want.

Surrender to the now.

Your life is what you make of it.

Deliberate creation and accepting what “is” seems like two very different philosophies, but are they?

The question baffled me for a long time.

I wanted to believe in my power to create my own life while simultaneously feeling a pearl of deep wisdom telling me to allow my life to unfold and make peace. I toggled between wanting to control the outcome versus stepping into the flow of life. 

Ugh! What’s a girl to do?

So I asked.

I got real quiet to still my whirling mind. I sat in meditation and asked my intuition. From deep within me understanding and knowing bubbled up from my heart. 

Life is both—deliberate creation and allowing.

Say what? How can it be both? Let me explain. 

We have the innate power to create the life we want. Creating is our birthright. From the time we are born we begin creating. We look out into the world and make choices of what we do and do not like. We hone in our preferences, our heart’s knowledge, and our inner guidance. With each thought, emotion, and action we feel our way towards pleasing lives.

However, as we live our lives, sometimes we allow our family, friends, and communities to influence our creating. We listen to their wants and needs instead of our own. We adopt their beliefs instead of what we know to be true for ourselves. 

We get a little mixed up. 

It’s okay. Confusion and uncertainty happen to all of us. We find ourselves creating by default instead of deliberately creating. We end up with a mixed up life. We are experiencing many things we want, but we are also experiencing many things we don’t want. 

Sound familiar?

Don’t despair! You can deliberately create. As you notice your preferences, begin to hone in on those creations. Notice what you like about them. Praise what is working. Look for the good in your creations. Focus on the wanted aspects of your life. 

I can hear you asking…but, what about all the junk in my life, all the things that aren’t going right, all the stuff that sucks what do I do?

You accept. You allow it to be ok. All your unwanted stuff requires you to make peace with it before it can leave. 

What you resist persists. Why? 

When you push against something, it keeps pushing back. Your focus pushes the problems you don’t want back into your life. 

Focus is your magic wand. Focus is the tool of creation. 

So, if you are focused on something you don’t want it will stick around until you accept it. Once you accept the unwanted aspect, you energetically unhook yourself from the unwanted.

It’s the act of letting go.

Making peace with something unwanted doesn’t attach it to you, Instead, you free it. You will know when you have truly accepted something when you no longer care if it is there or not. Then, poof, it’s gone.

Living a life you love requires both abilities—deliberate creating and allowing. Our job is to learn when to use which tool. 

Struggling to let go of something, to create space for more deliberate creations? 

I am here to hold space for you.