HELP – A Four Letter Word

Do you think you need help? Do you think that some self-help author, life coach or intuitive has the answer that will make everything better? Does it feel like if you could just find the right way to “do” life things would be easier?

I used to believe this too. I used to think that I needed to find the way, my purpose or my path and then everything would fall into place and I could live happily ever after. I searched for the operator’s manual to life for a long time.

You know what? It didn’t work. It made things worse. It added confusion, second guessing and frustration to my life. It spun me in mind circles that created a dizzying upside down effect on my brain. I was blinded by confusion and so far from clarity I couldn’t see straight.

In a world gone crazy over self-help books, life coaches and intuitives it is easy to put everyone else’s opinion above your own. There are personality tests, cognitive tests, horoscopes, enneagrams and a zillion other ways you can try to figure yourself out so that you can do life right.

For me, none of this worked. Other people’s opinions only added to my mind clutter. It made things worse. I spent my energy trying to decide which was the best way and then follow that person’s idea.

So, why didn’t it work? Because you don’t really need help.

What? I know, the world is telling you that you need to be saved, fixed, or at least leant a helping hand. It comes in messages that you need to be thinner, richer, more successful, happier, more spiritual, a better parent, lover, mate, care-giver. More, more, more.

None of this is true. You don’t need to be more. You are enough as you are. You are whole. You are complete. Right now. This minute. In whatever way you happen to be currently.

You see, you are a soul. You are a powerful being that has access to the ALL-THAT-IS. That powerful being does not need help. It knows what it is doing. It knows where it is going. It knows why it is here.

So, how do you access that version of you?

By recognizing that you are energy.
By knowing that you are a powerful, brilliant soul.
By believing that you have the support and attention of ALL-THAT-IS all the time.
By quieting the world for just a few minutes to re-connect with that part of you.
By letting go of the part of you that thinks you are small, insignificant, unimportant or not enough.
By listening for your own innate wisdom that bubbles up through messages, visions, dreams, gut instinct, knowing, synchronicities.
By giving as much attention to your inner world as you do the outer physical world.
By loving yourself.

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