I believe that you are innately whole exactly as you are but sometimes bodies give us signs and symptoms that need our attention. Unfortunately, this pain is a part of life but I believe the pain shows us what wants to be healed. It is letting us know where to apply the love.

I’ll let you in on a secret. You don’t really need me to heal yourself because we are all connected to the same Source energy stream. However, I do understand that when you are caught in the pain or the story about the pain it can be helpful to have assistance or a guide. Because I am a neutral see-er I can assist your healing process by offering my observations and allowing the healing energy that flows through me to permeate your energy field.

Currently I am offering assistance-healing sessions at no charge. Assistance-healing is conducted remotely. Two free sessions are available each week. Once I receive your information I meditate, read the energy around the body and stream healing goodness to you. I will email you within 72 hours to let you know what I sense.

You may only sign up yourself for assistance-healing. Please do not sign up someone else. Each person is responsible for their own asking and receiving.

If you are interested in assistance-healing for a physical symptom please select from the appointment types on the Healing Page under Work With Me. The form will ask you to select a time. Only two time slots are available each week so that I can manage the flow. Thank you for understanding.