Healing Adjustments

I believe that you are innately whole exactly as you are but sometimes bodies give us signs and symptoms that need our attention. Unfortunately, this pain is a part of life but I believe the pain shows us what wants to be healed. It is letting us know where to apply the love.

I’ll let you in on a secret. You don’t really need me to heal yourself because we are all connected to the same Source energy stream. However, I do understand that when you are caught in the pain or the story about the pain it can be helpful to have assistance or a guide. Because I am a neutral see-er I can assist your healing process by offering my observations and allowing the healing energy that flows through me to permeate your energy field.

A Few Things to Know About a Healing Adjustment.

  • Everything is energy. You. Me. Your symptoms. Healings. All of it.
  • Everything is happening for you and not to you. (Even if you don’t understand it from your human perspective.)
  • We are never victims of fate. Why? Because you create your circumstances at a Soul+Human level. 
  • Every person is really a soul masquerading as a human in physical form.
  • Your Soul-self perspective is present and participating in your experience even while you are in the human body.
  • Your Soul-self (like it or not) has an opinion about what occurs for you in your human form. 
  • Healing is effected by your beliefs, your readiness and your Soul’s journey.
  • Healing is possible. Miracles are possible.

What to Expect During a Healing Adjustment

My role is to act as a facilitator for the Healing Energy.
  • This means I act as a conduit or bridge for what wants to happen.
  • This could present itself in the form of messages from guides, meditations, visualizations or direct healing. 
Your role is to allow whatever wants to happen for you.
  • This means come with an open heart and an open mind.
Spirit’s role (God, The Universe, Guides, Healing Energy, the whole kit ’n kaboodle) is to do the heavy lifting.
  • This means that The-All-That-Is is responsible for the “How, If, When and Why”.


Please note: Healing Energy is not a substitution for professional medical advice 

A healing adjustment is conducted remotely. If you are interested in a healing adjustment for a physical symptom please schedule your session below.