Fear: Sign Posts Along Your Path

Frustration and struggle with fear has been a part of my path for a long time. My fear comes in many flavors but usually shows up as thoughts that I am choosing to believe that are no longer true for me. Most of my fears that I have dealt with have been about my path and direction for my life. I began noticing them in my mid-thirties. Initially, I was afraid that I wasn’t going to figure out my purpose and my life would be a waste. When I really began to explore what my purpose/my joy might be I realized I loved all things spiritual and metaphysical. Uh, oh. This realization lead to another fear–I feared it was weird. Once I became okay with liking what I like then I was afraid of wanting to understand intuition but thinking I didn’t have the abilities. Next, I was afraid to tell people that I could stream a group of benevolent beings from the far reaches of the Universe. Currently, the fear is the information I am receiving about being a Healer. One fearful thought after another appears. They are like that stupid bouncy guy you knock down and then it pops right back up.

All this frustration around fear got me to thinking that there must be a better way to handle fear. Fear must be useful or it wouldn’t be such an intricate part of who we are as humans. Let’s face it—fear is built into our DNA.

So, I began asking questions.

What if…

fears are sign posts (in disguise) lighting the way on our path?

What if…

fear is just looking at the sign post from the opposite direction?

For example, for many years I was so afraid of my interest in energy, intuition and guides. I thought it was way too woo-woo! But in reality the fear was highlighting exactly what was/is right for me. Fear was acting like a neon sign saying this way but I was putting on the breaks. The fear was actually trying to help me. Helping me to notice in a BIG way what I really wanted but didn’t consciously know yet. The bumpy ride only came when I resisted the fear by denying what I really wanted and trying to stay where I was.

Currently my fear is pointing out that I am a Healer. Not even sure what that means yet. Hence, lots of fear! But, now I know that fear is trying to help me. If I look back at my path I can see that fear has been pointing the way. If I can move past the fear, past the sign post, then my way becomes clearer. If I stay and study the sign post (the fear) then I get stuck in the same spot. All it takes is moving past the sign post.

How do you move past the sign post? Read it and keep journeying.


If you would like assistance reading your sign posts, I would be honored to work with you.