Frequently Asked Questions…

  1. Where does a session take place? In the comfort of your own environment! All of my sessions are over the phone. Once you book your session you will be emailed the conference line number and the pin to access our line. (Any long distance charges are the responsibility of the client.)
  2. How do I know which session to choose? I love this question because you get to use your own intuition! So, if you are unsure which session is right for you…get quiet, close your eyes, take a deep breath, ask All-That-Is which session would be most useful, and then listen for that whisper of a thought that creeps into your head. Bingo! You’ve got your answer.
  3. What do I do to prepare for a session? A few things to keep in mind so that you will get the most out of your session…During the call, please make sure your environment is quiet and you are not traveling. A few minutes before our session it is helpful for you to quiet your mind. You can take a few deep breaths, meditate, or spend time in nature. For a Soul Connection Reading, you may bring a question or simply relax and let the reading unfold. For a Discovery Reading, bring a question or topic that you would like to explore. For a streaming session, all questions are welcome–personal or universal.
  4. Can you really read my energy over the phone? Yes! Energy is Universal. It is not subject to time and space.
  5. Can you talk to my loved one for me that has passed over? This is not my speciality. Sometimes a loved one will appear during a reading, especially a Soul Connection Reading, if they have a pertinent message for the client.
  6. How do you get your messages? I receive messages a variety of ways. I see visions, I just know things, guides pass along information, I feel energy and emotions in my body that are a reflection of you.
  7. What is a streaming session like? You get to speak directly with a group of loving beings called the Charles Collective. They offer Universal perspective on life situations that are important to you. This session is tailored just for you so bring questions. During this session my personality takes a “back seat” to the Charles Collective. I’m still along for the ride, but they are driving the session.
  8. May I book more than one session? Yes, of course! You may experience a reading or streaming session as often as you like. However, I never want to replace your own guidance. It is important for you to trust yourself and your own intuition.
  9. Do you give medical advice? No. I will look at a medical situation energetically, but my wisdom does not replace the advice of your body or your medical professionals.
  10. Can you predict the future? I can take a look at what is possible for you. I can also see your current trajectory. But, the future is really up to you. Your ability to shift your energy and what you focus on is your innate creative power. Your future is carved out of what you decide to bring into your life.
  11. Are sessions recorded? Yes, a session can be recorded if you like. Please select that option when you book your appointment.
  12. Are In-person sessions available? Yes. If you are in the Memphis Metropolitan area, a session can be held in person. Please contact me through the contact page so I can book your appointment directly.