Establishing a Sacred Space

When I first started meditating, my meditation teacher suggested I set up an altar space in my home. He wanted me to lite a candle, burn some incense and meditate on a round cushion facing my altar. Oh, by the way, my altar needed to face East, host statues of saints or deities, and photos of loved ones.

All these rules freaked me out. I was brand new to meditation, and the idea of sitting in a quiet room by myself was weird enough without adding anything extra to the experience. 

I’m not knocking home altars, if that calls to you, please break out the deities and incense. Enjoy!

It just didn’t call to me and I thought I wasn’t spiritual enough because my spirituality didn’t look like that. Nor did it look like rosary beads and memorized prayers. 

My spirituality was something else. And yours might be something else too?

My point is, it’s important to have a sacred place. A quiet place to meditate, commune, pray, tune into yourself, and God.

You may have more than one sacred space—a favorite park bench, a church, a labyrinth. But, I believe it’s essential to have a space in your home—a place where you go to meet God.

Communing in the same place every day trains our minds, body, and spirit to shift from our physical world to our inner world.  With time the spot truly becomes holy.

Try setting up a quiet sacred spot in your home. Adorn it with items that speak to you, or leave it bare, whatever resonates with you.

Meditate, pray, journal, dream in your sacred spot. Begin to build the energy of your space with your intention.