Defining the Good Life

I’ve been thinking a lot about my life, about life in general too. About how to live a good life and what that means to me, and what the definition of a good life is.

Maybe you have these thoughts too?

I suppose the definition of a good life is different for everyone, but I want to hone in on what that means for me. What are my standards? What are my beliefs on satisfied living?

I’ve decided a life of praise is my aspiration. I’m aiming to see the good in everything, everyone (including me), and all that life offers me. I want to find the beauty in every situation. I want to trust the Cosmos is benevolent and worthy of my approval and admiration. 

I know, I love a person who brings out the best in me. I’m drawn to others who see my potential and encourage me to see it too. I migrate to beings who know my value—that’s why I love to hang out with my Vibe Tribe! 

I believe if I can shine the praise light on others, find the good in every situation, see potential and possibilities around every corner, I have a pretty good feeling I’ll find myself in the land of miracles and true-perception. (As I write this, energy-bubbles of carbonated resonance are coursing through me and into the atmosphere around me. Maybe that’s what they mean when they say your cup runneth over?)

I want God to know that I loved every minute of it or tried my very best to.

I figure if I get to the end of my existence, knowing I was determined to wring the best out of life, then I’ll have lived a satisfying life.

How do you define a life well-lived?