Create Your Masterpiece!

This week I asked a friend, who is an accomplished writer, to read one of my blogs. I wanted her opinion on my writing skills (or lack thereof) so I can make my writing better. After she reviewed the piece, we hopped on the phone to discuss it, but instead of discussing my writing technique we became enamored with the subject of the writing.

The topic was consciousness.

The topic was so compelling that we could not leave it alone long enough to discuss the nitty-gritty of the writing. Why? Because we both crave more space in our lives for the Sacred—for the unknown. 

My friend is now an artist. She paints. She also works at a hardware store to make ends meet. As she put it, working in a hardware store is very grounding because she is surrounded by the everyday stuff that brings folks to a hardware store—a clogged potty, a broken doorknob or the need for garden soil. There is part of her that finds this work rewarding but a deeper part of her is craving more sacredness. When her soul encountered someone that also cherishes the Sacred it reactivated her awareness that she would like to consciously invite the Sacred into her life more often.

Why do we tend to forget our connection to The-All-That-Is? Why are we distracted by our daily lives? Why do we forget the importance of having a touchstone for something that is dear to the core of our being? 

I believe it is because we are Master Creators. Sometimes our human nature works against us. Let me explain. As you have probably heard already, we create our own reality. We create our life. We create through imagination, dreams, thoughts, emotions, and actions. We create our life and like any artist, we become enamored with the process. We lose ourselves in it. We lose ourselves in the flow of creativity, of making a life. We become absorbed in it and then distracted by the thing that we have created. We believe we are our creation instead of seeing that we are the creator of our creation.

Take heart. Just like any true artist there comes a point where we stop to take a breath. We step back from our creation so we can see it more clearly. We take a good look at what we have been creating and we evaluate. What does our creation want next? What would make it feel more complete? Or more alive? Or more compelling?

This pause is where you as an artist, as a creator, get to amend your masterpiece. You can decide what wants to be added, removed or adjusted. This Sacred pause is what my friend experienced this week. After our chat, she realized she missed connecting to the Sacred. Missed something vital to her masterpiece.

She innately knew what to do.

  • She stepped back from her creation—her life.
  • Took a breath.
  • Discerned what was missing.
  • Took steps to figure out how to allow more of the missing piece into her life.

You can do this too. Even if you don’t know exactly what is missing, it’s okay. Don’t panic. The first step of knowing that something is off is enough. The awareness that something is off pushes you out of automatic pilot so that you become curious about the missing piece. Your shift out of automatic pilot also gives your soul the space it needs to drop hints, clues, and signs. Your soul begins to act on your readiness and curiosity for something new or different.

Sometimes the process of discernment will be quick intuitive hits like my friend received. You will know right away what you want. Sometimes it will be a slower process (like a treasure hunt) to define exactly what you want. Either way is perfect for where you are. Your soul is eternal. It is not in a hurry. It will wait for your readiness to decide what your masterpiece wants to be next.

I can hear you asking how will I know what the missing piece is?

You will know because the missing piece comes wrapped in the feelings of excitement, relief, knowing, anticipation and satisfaction. If the idea has tinges of fear (it feels really big or scary), it means that is not the next idea.  Eventually, it may be the piece, but not the one for right now. When it is the right piece, you will be ready for it.

Trust yourself. Trust your soul. Trust the process. You got this!

Happy Creating!