Sweetness for your Soul

FREE 30-day program designed for those who are ready to put the fun back in their spiritual journey

Tired of your current default mode of overthinking your spiritual journey?
Have you been making spirituality more complicated than it needs to be?
Deep down, do you know your spiritual path is meant to be an enjoyable, light-hearted journey?
Craving consistent connection to your Spirit, but are unsure what to do about it?

Listen carefully, grasshopper—your spiritual experience can be different.

It can be fun!

Sweetness for your Soul came about because many of my clients express that they’re super excited before a reading. They look forward to it, despite whatever hairy problem they’re bringing to the session. Often they can’t tell me exactly why they’re so eager, but I know.

They’re excited about the session because they intuitively understand they’re going to spend time with their Spirit and Vibe Tribe.

Why would this light someone’s fire? Because it’s like having afternoon tea with your besties who have your back, love you unconditionally, are focused on your desires, and only have your best interests at heart. 

Plus, when you connect energetically with Spirit, your human self adjusts its frequency to commune at that level, and that expanded frequency feels gloooorious in the body! Once that desire for connection ignites, it never goes away. It only becomes more vibrant, deeper, and more expanded.

Spirituality doesn’t need to be hard. I believe with all my heart that the spiritual journey can be sprinkled with fun. We can skip our way to joy. We can giggle with delight. We can marvel at our magnificence. We can let it be easier than we’ve been making it out to be.

I invite you to join me for 30 Days of Spiritual Sweetness at no cost to you. Sign-Up here.