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Find Your Intuitive Groove

When you’re faced with important decisions in your life, do you ever feel like you’re groping for answers in the dark?

Do you feel like you’re guessing about what to do next in your relationships, career, health, and even on your spiritual journey?

What if you could know more about what’s best for you?

That’s where your intuition comes into play.

I’ll let you in on a little secret, you are already intuitive! Intuition is natural and part of the human package. You just haven’t been accessing it on demand.

Why haven’t you been using your intuition more if it’s so natural? Because you’ve been only using your rational mind—the part of you that has to think through decisions, and the rational mind can only see a tiny part of the big picture.

What if there were a way to receive reliable guidance beyond the limits of the analytical mind? What if you could tune into a much greater perspective to see the loving forces that are at work in shaping your life?

This information is available to you when you learn to attune to it.

It’s just a matter of practicing the skill of intuitive awareness so that you can tune into this subtle information regularly. It’s easy once you find your groove with it.

Ready to find your intuitive groove? Join me and let’s discover where your intuition will take you.

Join me at Delta Groove Yoga

Monday, August 22nd

6:00-7:00 pm

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