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I’m based in Memphis—most of the year—but I’m a gypsy at heart. I love traveling around the world and connecting with people at conferences, expos, and classes. Here are a few upcoming events. Maybe I’ll see you there!

2020 Events

Virtual Weekly Meditation Circle: Meditate from the Comfort of Your own Home

It’s a time of slowing down. Can you feel the universal pull on your psyche to slooooooow way down? As the busyness of our daily lives comes to a halt, it naturally makes room for us to turn to our inner lives.

As this happens, your inner life can kick up a storm. Wanting attention about all sorts of things—your health, your panic around finances, your anxiety about not being able to control the future, your concern for the well-being of your loved ones, your rushing this uncomfortable time by wanting it to hurry up already. Even your boredom will tell you something about yourself.

It can be a confusing time, but if you are willing to come home to yourself by slowing down and being present in the moment, you can completely change your perspective. You’ll come to know you really are at the center of your own little universe, creating the world you inhabit from the inside out.

It’s time for spiritual friends to gather, to listen compassionately to others and be held in loving awareness as we’re listened to in return.

In this spirit, I am offering a FREE weekly meditation circle via conference call.

Together, we will

  • Explore our inner spiritual world
  • Experiment with allowing more of our soul essence to pour through our personalities
  • Use our imagination to change our vibrational frequencies
  • Experience transformation through a gentle, comfortable process
  • Discover who we are on a very deep internal level
  • Laugh a little and love a lot

Join us on Wednesdays at 12:15 pm Central time for a dose of spiritual upliftment with a bit of light-hearted fun thrown in too!

You don’t have to commit to every Wednesday. Feel free to join when you can.

We’ll meet for about 30 minutes each session. You can expect to experience a 15-20 minute guided meditation and a few minutes of sharing after the meditation.

To receive the details of how to join, send me a message here.

Friends, it’s time to allow your Soul into your body and let it lead you.