The Easiest Way to Solve All Your Problems

All of us experience Aha moments from time to time. An Aha Moment is that feeling of epiphany when a new idea, thought or solution pops into your awareness. It is accompanied by a sense of clarity and knowing that stops you in your tracks. The Aha Moment is an insight that didn’t come from your logical analytical brain. It doesn’t feel like a regular old thought. It has a different flavor. 

Have you noticed that Aha Moments do not come when you are in problem-solving mode?

How to Let Go of Anxiety About Your Future

I am noticing that when I feel anxiety it is because I have stepped out of the present now. It can be something as simple as wanting to take a shower and worried that the delivery man will come while I am bathing. That snippet of worry creates an anxious feeling in my chest that is uncomfortable and unsettling. It only takes a small future worry for me to slip from my peaceful state of being. 

My Shadow and I Made Friends

My shadow and I made friends this week.  I’m not referring to the shadow that follows me along on a sunny day although this shadow follows me along too.  The shadow I made friends with lives on the inside of me in the darkest corners of myself where I don’t like to look.

The shadow on the inside was best described by a famous psychiatrist named Carl Jung.  In brief, Jung believed that the shadow side of us contains the parts of us that are of a dark nature–negative emotions such as anger,

The Best Advice I Ever Received

Ya’ll, ten years ago I consciously began walking my spiritual path. Don’t get me wrong; before my searching began I was on my path because you can’t really get off your path. But, in my mid-thirties I knew I needed more—more meaning, more satisfaction, more purpose. I was determined to find it. 

So, I tried everything. I bought every self-help book you could imagine. Everything from cleaning out my house to clearing out my head.