How to Tap into Your Inner Wisdom in the Most Surprising Way!—Text Version

Have you ever had a problem or been in a situation where you’d like clarity or helpful information on how to resolve it, but you’re so tangled up in your own thoughts you can’t hear what your heart wisdom is saying?

I want to share an easy way to tap into your inner wisdom and get out of your logical mind and into your soul knowledge. Grab one of your favorite books. A book that resonates with you—maybe you really like the author,

How Do You Share?

Last night my husband and I went to one of our favorite local restaurants—a little Indian restaurant that’s one of the best-kept secrets in town. It’s one of those places you drive by and would never try on your own. You only go there after someone recommends it to you. It’s a tiny little place where the tables are jam-packed together, and your neighbors are right next to you eating their dinner while you’re eating yours.

Source vs God: Is there a right label for the Divine?

This week a dear friend of mine wanted to know why I use the word Source instead of the word God to describe the divine presence that exists throughout all realities. She was concerned because she thought using Source instead of God is blasphemous. I really appreciate her question because I know it comes from a place of love and a place of wanting to understand.

I’ll be candid with you. I’ve used the word Source for so long that I don’t even think about it.

Soul Food Video: Using Prayer Beads

Today we’re talking about prayer beads.

I’m so excited about this new process that I have been using, and I’d like to share it with you.

I want to give you just a bit of background, so you know why I started implementing prayer beads into my daily practice. Growing up I was taught to pray which felt very much like a one-way conversation with Source. I would pray for my desires or things I needed help with while it felt like Source was being very quiet on the other end of the line.

Create Your Masterpiece!

This week I asked a friend, who is an accomplished writer, to read one of my blogs. I wanted her opinion on my writing skills (or lack thereof) so I can make my writing better. After she reviewed the piece, we hopped on the phone to discuss it, but instead of discussing my writing technique we became enamored with the subject of the writing.

The topic was consciousness.

The topic was so compelling that we could not leave it alone long enough to discuss the nitty-gritty of the writing.

28 Days of Creating Sacred Connection

More and more I am creating room in my life for Sacred Connection. I find myself craving it. The pull to figure out how to allow the human part of me to experience more of the divine part of me is undeniable.

Many people I work with are looking for this connection too. Maybe even you? They yearn to feel connected to their Vibe Tribe, to their Soul, and to God. We used to be able to quench this desire by going to church,

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

I am having a day. 

One of those terrible, horrible no good, very bad days. (Remember Alexander?)

Maybe you can relate?

  • I woke up late.
  • Rushed to my first appointment.
  • Couldn’t find a parking place.
  • Had a very serious discussion with my cardiologist about something odd on my EKG. I now have a cardiologist. 
  • Understood next to nothing about what he said.

Two Types of Awakening. Which One Are You Experiencing?

You have read about Awakening, but you don’t know if it is happening to you? This information will help. Keep reading.

Typically there are two types of awakening.

The Dramatic Oh-My-God-What-Is-Happening Awakening 

This is the kind of awakening where literally your world falls apart. You have a traumatic accident, life-changing event, near-death experience, lose a job, spouse, home. Something big happens and you look around and your life is no longer what it used to be.