The Language of my Soul-a Poem

These heavenly themes weave through my ordinary mind—miracles, magic, and mysticism.

These heavenly themes weave through my ordinary mind. Miracles, magic, and mysticism pull at me from the mystery.

These heavenly themes weave through my ordinary mind. Miracles, magic, and mysticism pull at me. From the mystery, I can sense their siren’s call.

These heavenly themes weave through my ordinary mind. Miracles, magic, and mysticism pull at me.

What do​ a Fabric Store, a Garden Center, and the School Supply Aisle at Target all have in Common? (It’s not what you think.)

Follow your bliss. This advice used to really piss me off. I would think to myself, “if I knew how to follow my bliss, don’t you think I’d be doing it.” 

I was super frustrated and found myself spinning in circles trying to figure it out, but it’s way easier than I made it.

The secret most folks don’t know–Bliss hides in plain sight. It’s in the most random things and in ordinary places. 

What’s Your Soul Got to Say About It?

We have some things to talk about- things that you have been pondering, wondering, and searching for. You have a lot of questions about how life works, why you’re here, and what it all means. On top of those big questions that pull at you, you’re also juggling life as it comes. It’s a lot.

Here’s the thing…

The reason you feel this pull, the reason you have all these big and little questions about your life is that you are remembering who you truly are and it’s not what you previously thought.

How Creating and Allowing go Hand in Hand in Designing A Life You Love

You create your own reality.

Accept what is.

Live the life you want.

Surrender to the now.

Your life is what you make of it.

Deliberate creation and accepting what “is” seems like two very different philosophies, but are they?

The question baffled me for a long time.

I wanted to believe in my power to create my own life while simultaneously feeling a pearl of deep wisdom telling me to allow my life to unfold and make peace.

3 Easy Steps to Hear Your Intuition

  • Your sister calls you on the phone right as you’re thinking about her. 
  • For some reason, you make a right turn at the stop light instead of going straight which allows you to miss the runaway truck by inches.
  • You’re thinking about your mom that passed away and her favorite song comes on the radio.
  • Every time you look at a clock you see 222, 333, 1212.

These are examples of our intuition at work.

How to Tap into Your Inner Wisdom in the Most Surprising Way!—Text Version

Have you ever had a problem or been in a situation where you’d like clarity or helpful information on how to resolve it, but you’re so tangled up in your own thoughts you can’t hear what your heart wisdom is saying?

I want to share an easy way to tap into your inner wisdom and get out of your logical mind and into your soul knowledge. Grab one of your favorite books. A book that resonates with you—maybe you really like the author,

How to Understand Your Intuition, Even When Your Logical Brain Gets in the Way

Understanding the difference between your intuition and a regular old thought is HUGE. It will save you angst, time, and misdirected action.

Here are a few clues to help you know the difference.

Inspiration                                                                      Thought

 -feels like a fresh idea                                                           -similar to your own thoughts

-has depth and energy behind it                                          -feels flat like cardboard

-drops into your awareness                                                  -comes from your mind

-comes at unexpected times                                                 -comes while wrestling problem

-accompanied by a sensation in heart or gut                    -feels like it comes from head

-feels clear but without emotion                                           -weighted with emotion

-doesn’t feel like it comes from your analytical mind       -arises directly from logical brain

If you are contemplating a next move or deliberating a problem and would like some one-on-one help discerning between your intuition and your analytical brain,