A Story About Love Letters

It was such a beautiful day on Sunday-no humidity, warm but not hot, sunny and crisp. One of those days where the air feels so good that you try to spend every minute you can outside.

Late in the day my husband and I decided to take a walk through the park near our house. We took our time meandering our way through the neighborhood that leads to the park laughing about a funny story my husband had told at breakfast.

Two Types of Awakening. Which One Are You Experiencing?

You have read about Awakening, but you don’t know if it is happening to you? This information will help. Keep reading.

Typically there are two types of awakening.

The Dramatic Oh-My-God-What-Is-Happening Awakening 

This is the kind of awakening where literally your world falls apart. You have a traumatic accident, life-changing event, near-death experience, lose a job, spouse, home. Something big happens and you look around and your life is no longer what it used to be.

The Easiest Way to Solve All Your Problems

All of us experience Aha moments from time to time. An Aha Moment is that feeling of epiphany when a new idea, thought or solution pops into your awareness. It is accompanied by a sense of clarity and knowing that stops you in your tracks. The Aha Moment is an insight that didn’t come from your logical analytical brain. It doesn’t feel like a regular old thought. It has a different flavor. 

Have you noticed that Aha Moments do not come when you are in problem-solving mode?

How to Let Go of Anxiety About Your Future

I am noticing that when I feel anxiety it is because I have stepped out of the present now. It can be something as simple as wanting to take a shower and worried that the delivery man will come while I am bathing. That snippet of worry creates an anxious feeling in my chest that is uncomfortable and unsettling. It only takes a small future worry for me to slip from my peaceful state of being.