Calling all the Multi-taskers, Go-to guys, and Folks that get ‘er done! What you want to know before you jump into your new year.

If you are one of those people who need help finishing things or staying on track, this post is not for you.

Today, I am talking to all my folks out there who rule the world from their desks (home or office).  The lovely ladies and gentlemen who get shit done. Who juggle kids, work, exercise, and social obligations. The people who can book spring break vacations while grocery shopping. The women who read their latest book club book on the Peloton. 

I’m talking to my multi-taskers, my go-to-guys, my get ‘er done folks. Listen up.

The New Year feels like an excellent time of year to y’all because of the potential and possibility that a blank calendar brings. Yes, it’s full of those lovely things. But for all of us that can juggle a lot of stuff, it can set us up for failure if we don’t watch our selves. 

Now, don’t get me wrong. I believe in dreams. I believe in miracles! I think anything is possible.

But, when you’re really good at getting stuff done, you’ll often take on the load of the world (or at least your family or co-workers or social group).

Why do you do this? Because you are a fantastic manger of energy. You can make things happen. And quickly, too.

For all my rulers of the world, this is a gentle reminder to put down your to-do lists and to look up at the stars tonight. Remember that you are one of many many beings in this Universe, and you have the support of this entire Universe available to you. Ask for help. Don’t go it alone. Pray. Set intentions. Whatever feels right for you. 

Know that every request is heard, and help is on the way.

Why ask for help? Because you are not alive to be “doing” every minute of the day. You are alive to be the experiencer of your life. 

Take it from a recovering doer that getting stuff done only means more stuff is coming your way to do. So, take a break. Look around. Breathe deep. Allow things to be undone. Watch the Universe come in to help.