Boundaries—Where To Draw the Line?

Are boundaries and protection necessary when working with energy or people?

The idea of setting boundaries is fairly common in the energetic/intuitive world. When I first learned about energy, my teacher at the time suggested I draw an invisible circle around me to keep my energy inside the bubble and other people’s energy outside the bubble. Looking back, I can see how this visualization could help someone become familiar with their own energy while noticing the differences in someone else’s energy, but this boundary idea made me uneasy. I didn’t like the notion that I needed to protect myself from certain energies, vibrations, people or thoughts. Since then I have played with boundaries to see what I notice.

Let me begin by explaining that there are two versions of us operating at the same time. One version is our personality-self. This self is the human aspect of us. It is who we are in this lifetime. The other version of us is our Soul-self. The Soul-self is the eternal aspect of us, who we are without our human bodies.

When I am identified with my personality-self (my humanness) I notice that I can be thrown off balance by others energy fairly easily because I feel separate from the other. But, when I choose to identify with my Soul-self, no outside thing seems too much. Everything has a place and a purpose. I can sense into the rightness of a person exactly where they are without needing them to be different.

When I am identified with the Soul-self, I can allow someone else’s energy to wash through me without disturbing me. The “foreign” energy is felt and then let go. There is nothing to be afraid of because I have the power to let the energy or thought go. I have the power to not make it my own or not to match it. Not much effort is required to affect the energy. Just be willing to feel the emotion, energy or vibration and let it go because it is not yours to begin with. It does not belong to you so allow it to be on its way.