Are you ready to stop wrestling with life? Find out what happens when life stops being a problem to solve.

I woke up early this morning from a dream hot, sweaty, and tangled in my bedsheets.

I laid there in the dark getting my bearings and realized I’d been wrestling with the sheets in my sleep, and it dawned on me that too often, I wrestle with the bedsheets in my waking life too. 

I wrestle with problems and decisions, worrisome thoughts and pesky annoyances, to-do-lists and responsibilities, and most of all…drum roll please—what do I want to do next.

On the heels of that realization, I understood immediately that most of these things I think are so important eventually take care of themselves without my interference. Either the problem disappears with a bit of time or magically solves itself, or some genius person takes care of the situation because they don’t see it as a problem, or when it is time to make a decision, I know exactly what wants to be done, and it almost becomes a non-decision. 

It’s easy to think that problems are real. Why? Because (through the power of my focus and these beautiful things I call my emotions) I make them feel real. And I’m supported in the belief that problems are real because our entire world believes in problems. 

But it can be different.

Imagine with me as you slowly read these questions.

As you read those questions, does something in you relax just a little bit? Does your heart open a fraction? Can you feel yourself calm?

If so, then you’re ready to wiggle loose the belief that life is full of problems or needs to be dealt with, or solved, or fixed.

Such relief in knowing that. Because what’s left when you let go of the belief in problems? 

That’s up to you. What do you want to fill in the blank with? Joy, Creativity, Freedom, Beauty, Abundance. You get to decide. And the kicker is that it won’t be a decision at all. You’ll know. You’ll know how to fill in the blank.