A Story About Love Letters

It was such a beautiful day on Sunday-no humidity, warm but not hot, sunny and crisp. One of those days where the air feels so good that you try to spend every minute you can outside.

Late in the day my husband and I decided to take a walk through the park near our house. We took our time meandering our way through the neighborhood that leads to the park laughing about a funny story my husband had told at breakfast. Both of us lost in the moment. Nowhere to be. Nowhere to get to. Nothing to accomplish.

Out and about for the pure pleasure of enjoying.

Eventually, we made our way towards home. As we turned down our little street we were lost in conversation. At just the right instant I looked up and saw a bird swoop down in front of us and then fly up into our Oak tree.

I turned to my husband and said…

m—Did you see that?

(Of course, he didn’t.)

m—An owl. A big owl just flew in front of us.

s—Are you sure?

m—Yes! He is in our tree.



We gently, quietly approached our tree to search for the owl. My husband, Scott spotted him first. (Of course)

s—Look! There he is! He is looking at us!

And he was, he was leaning down from his perch looking directly at us. Searching us just as intently as we searched him. It was one of those weird moments when you know, you just know, that this wild bird knows something important. So, I quietly asked. 

m—What? What do you want me to know?

Here is what I heard…

o—I see you and it is good.

With one last look into my face, he flew away while I stood there dumbfounded. 

By this time, my husband had gone into the house while I stood there gazing into the sky asking…

m—What? Did I just hear that right? Does the bird say I’m good? 

Yep, that’s right. My own personal love letter from Source via a bird.

I tell you this story because I want you to know we are all being deemed good. Every last one of us.

The-All-That-Is looks down on you and declares you good. Good. Worthy. Loved.

Source will do whatever it takes to remind you of this knowing—a bird, a billboard, a tv commercial, even a t-shirt. 

There are no coincidences.

Only love letters.

Love letters sent to you in a million different ways.