3 Easy Steps to Hear Your Intuition

  • Your sister calls you on the phone right as you’re thinking about her. 
  • For some reason, you make a right turn at the stop light instead of going straight which allows you to miss the runaway truck by inches.
  • You’re thinking about your mom that passed away and her favorite song comes on the radio.
  • Every time you look at a clock you see 222, 333, 1212.

These are examples of our intuition at work. We all have these moments in life where our inner wisdom shines through. I like to call them “intuitive hits.”

Intuition just like our other built-in senses is part of the human package. Unfortunately, we have been taught to ignore or dismiss our intuition because we don’t understand how it works, so we chalk it up to coincidences, luck and good timing. Or, we love when these Universal winks happen, but we don’t know how to receive them consistently or deliberately.

So how can we tap into our intuition intentionally?

Intuition can be developed through focus. All you have to do is learn to listen to it. I like to think of intuition as the highway in which communication flows from your Soul and your Energy-Beings to you. This pathway is always streaming help and information, but are you listening? 

Learning to hear your inner wisdom may feel awkward at first, but really it is easy when you know how. Follow these simple steps to open your senses to the information streaming to you:

  1. Find Neutral: Finding your neutral place is key to tapping into your intuition because all energy is neutral. So, how do you find your neutral zone? Take a nice deep breath. Allow yourself to imagine a sense of calm coming over you—that same feeling you get when you watch a sunset, look at a sleeping baby or experience a runner’s high. Locate the place in your body where this feeling is most active. It may be in your heart, gut, in the middle of your head, or an all-over body feeling. Reside in this neutrality.
  2. Stay Curious: Being curious is crucial because it allows you to be open to the information you will receive. Curiosity naturally shifts you into learning mode because it flips your mind into the realm of possibilities. Hint: If you notice yourself analyzing the information you are receiving, you have slipped out of your neutral zone and moved into your analytical mind.
  3. Maintain a state of Wonder: This is the state we naturally inhabited as kids. We were surprised and delighted by everything. We allowed the information to be fresh and new as we learned about our world. This same quality is what it takes to receive your intuitive hits. Important to remember: Be open to the information. It can materialize in many ways and rarely is it the way you expect. Plus, it will come on its own time frame.

Be patient with yourself as you re-learn the practice of tapping into your intuition. Have fun with it. Turn it into a game. Experiment with easy questions like asking for help with what shirt to wear or where to go for lunch. Stay open. Listen and allow the answers to come.