It’s okay to Weeble when you Wobble

I have weeble-wobbles scattered all over my house and office. They’re a fun reminder that when I wobble from my home-base vibration of love, joy, and eagerness, I can easily regain my balance again.

Nothing really ever topples us or turns us upside down for too long because, at our core, we are firmly balanced in the love of Source.


Today we’re celebrating by taking the day off! 

Yep, you heard me. 

Chill out today—eat a popsicle, take a nap in a hammock, watch the sunset. 

Go ahead; you’ve got permission to have lazy bones.

Relaxing, resting, enjoying, taking pleasure in being without doing is an integral part of the Spiritual Journey. We tend to dismiss it because it feels too easy, or boring, or pointless, or counter-productive.

What’s Your Everyday​ Magic?

I believe in everyday magic. Magic that exists all around us all the time. Created for our own selfish happiness—supernatural delights, artistic dreams realized, and tiny miracles.

Lightening bugs, fireworks, full moons, Christmas lights, rainbows, and the bewitching hour of dusk serve as little jolts of joy for me. 

What’s your everyday magic?