18 Simple Sacred Acts of Heart to Heart Connection for the Holiday Season

The Holiday Season can be the perfect time to share your kindness with someone.

Spread some good cheer with one of these ideas. I dare ya!

  1. Give away your prime parking space in a crowded lot to another driver. It’s a great way to surprise someone with kindness this shopping season.
  2. Wheel out your neighbor’s trash bin on trash day. (And then take it in for her the next day.)
  3. Leave a co-worker a positive sticky note. Something like, “I see you doing a great job everyday”. Positive encouragement helps lighten their workload.
  4. Reminisce with someone. This is great for elderly family members. It creates connection in the moment and allows someone to enjoy their fond memories. 
  5. Go to your favorite spot today. Enjoy some much needed “me time” this season. Give yourself permission to seek out the physical space that lightens your mood.
  6. Write down someone’s best qualities and then send it to them via email, snail mail or in person.
  7. Love your body by moving it. Gentle exercise is one of the best ways to show your body you care.
  8. Write a positive comment on a blog or website. Believe me—they are read!
  9. Complain less this holiday season. You will notice that not airing your constant grievances helps everyone breathe easier.
  10. Feed the Birds. Our fine feathered friends need a little love during the winter months. Set out a bird feeder and watch how much you enjoy being a part of the natural world.
  11. Pick one person to hand write a letter to during the season. Tell them how much they mean to you, what you learned from them, or how they inspire you.
  12. Donate your used books to the local library. Pass along the stories that inspire you to someone else.
  13. Share your favorite recipe. There is nothing better than giving someone the secret to your special sauce, casserole or desert. It makes them feel included.
  14. Laugh. Big and Loud. Laughter is contagious. Have you ever laughed and noticed that others will start to smile and chuckle too. Spread the joy of laughter.
  15. Open the door for someone. Keep chivalry alive and well for men and women. Hold the door for someone and allow them to make a grand entrance or exit.
  16. Pay for the cup of coffee for the guy behind you. It’s fun to treat someone that isn’t expecting it. Watch their face light up with surprise.
  17. Tell someone’s boss that they are doing a great job. Take the time to tell your cashier’s, paper boy’s, Fed Ex Driver’s boss that they are excelling at their job. This is a twofer! It makes the boss feel good and the employee.
  18. Donate to your favorite cause this year. Time, money or support. It’s all welcome and its all needed.