The Little Book of Big Knowing

If you want answers to the deep questions about what’s really going on so you can relax and enjoy the meaningful life you came to live, then you’ll want to curl up with The Little Book of Big Knowing! Find out more here!

Welcome! I’m glad you’re here.

Between you and me, it’s okay if you don’t know exactly why you’re here. You can relax about that. You’re here because, at some level, you received a nudge from your inner-wisdom, and you listened!
This nudge probably showed up in a very normal way like a friend recommending me, you came across my book, or a curious google search. Because that’s how intuition works, gently nudging us in the right direction.
Rest assured. Whatever brought you here, you can trust that you didn’t arrive by accident.

Let me introduce myself.

Hi! My name is Michele, and I’m an intuitive teacher and guide.

My specialty is empowering you to live the beautiful, joyful life your Soul intended by activating your intuition and sparking your creativity so you can fufill your heart’s desires.
Using my intuition and awareness, I uncover hidden obstacles on your life path so that solutions appear easily. When you understand the patterns behind your current circumstances, it’s easy to make changes that feel uplifting and free. The result is a life that’s fulfilling on all levels—physical and spiritual.
My focus is YOU.
We look at your energy, your inner wisdom, and your Soul’s path so that you move forward in a way that feels good to you.
So, if you are…

Tired of searching for your purpose

Yearning for a life that feels alive and meaningful

Ready for your spiritual path to feel light-hearted and fun


It’s time to learn to trust YOU and your specific path so you can be the bright shining light you truly are.

Private Sessions

private sessions

Intuitive readings. Spiritual guidance.

Book a phone or email session.

Classes and Events

classes and events

Inspiring classes and events.

See you on the road!

New? Start here


Uplifting, soulful ideas—

from my heart to yours.

Places to Start

  • An Intuitive’s Perspective on How to Set Yourself Up for Success During the Creative Process

    Creating is about bringing something to life. It’s coaxing an idea out of the ethers and flowing it onto the page, canvas, sheet of music. It uses the powerful energy of imagination and intuition to sense the possibilities orbiting around us and focus on one of those possibilities to bring it into form. Creating can

  • Why You Feeling Good is Necessary for Harmony with Spirit

    Do you know how important you are to Spirit? You’re so valuable to Spirit that without you, Spirit would be incomplete. And, without the loving gaze of Spirit upon you at all times, you would cease to exist. Because of the intensity of this dynamic, your relationship with Spirit is the most important relationship in

  • Establishing a Sacred Space

    When I first started meditating, my meditation teacher suggested I set up an altar space in my home. He wanted me to lite a candle, burn some incense and meditate on a round cushion facing my altar. Oh, by the way, my altar needed to face East, host statues of saints or deities, and photos

  • Perscription for a Joyous Life

    Pay attention to how you feel in each moment. Surrender all resistance or inner-drama as soon as you feel it. Follow the feeling of fun and excitement. Trust the Cosmos to take care of you. Reach for a feeling of relaxed happiness. Make all of your desires okay.

  • The Gift in 2020

    Now that we are in the thick of 2020, you might have begun to notice a new spiritual theme of creativity showing up for you.The worldwide pandemic has hit the proverbial pause button on the old recording of busyness and over-scheduling. The current “pause” has created more space and time in daily life.Take advantage of

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