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The Little Book of Big Knowing

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If you have a lot of BIG questions about how life works, why you’re here, and what it all means?

If you are feeling the call to understand your life on a deeper level? A Soul-level?

You are in the right place.

Welcome! I’m glad you’re here.

I believe powerful questions are important because they lead to powerful transformation. You have these big questions about your life because you are remembering the true you—the powerful, creative Soul who is choosing to have a very human experience. Welcome to your awakening, my friend.

Hi! My name is Michele, and I’m an intuitive teacher and guide.

My specialty is empowering you to live the beautiful, joyful life your Soul originally intended by activating your intuition and sparking your creativity.

Tapping into your intuition (the communication from your soul) is really the art of waking up. Discovering the true you. It’s that simple.

Intuitive discovery offers a way for you to see a world working for you instead of against you. It reminds you that everything is connected and encourages you to create and live with awareness.

When we work together, I sense who you are on a soul and a human level. Using my intuition and awareness, I offer a different perspective than your human mind is accustomed to experiencing. We gently shake those old human patterns up a bit so that more of your Soul-self can shine through.

Once you understand your Soul’s perspective, it’s easy to make life changes that feel uplifting and free. As you learn to listen to the guidance of your Soul-self, the result is transformational magical. Because true transformation is not about becoming something you’re not. It’s about becoming more of your true self. And when you operate as your Soul-self, your life becomes fulfilling on all levels—physical and spiritual.

The formula for a joyful, purposeful life is easy to apply once you understand it.

Shift your vibration to your grandest potential +

Trust YOURSELF and your intuition =

You being the bright shining light you truly are.

Let’s work together to apply the magic formula in your life!

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