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Hi! My name is Michele, and I’m an intuitive guide and teacher.

I work with those who are ready to connect to their Spirit, trust their intuition, and live a beautiful, joyful life. It’s my deep honor and highest calling to gently wake you up by activating your energy, sparking your intuition, and reminding you of your Soul’s intention.

The formula for a joyful, purposeful life is at the heart of my teachings. It’s easy to apply once you understand it.

Shift your vibration to your Soul potential +

Trust YOURSELF and your intuition =

You being the bright shining light you truly are.

It’s simple. Tapping into your intuition (the communication from your Soul-self) is really the art of waking up. Remembering the whole you. Human + Soul, how they blend together, and what role each plays in creating your life.

As you reunite with your Soul-self and learn what I like to call your Soul’s “love language” –how it prefers to communicate with you, it becomes easy to understand your Soul’s guidance and apply it in your life.

Once you know that your Soul wants to be an active participant in your life, you naturally crave more Soul Time. Together, we’ll develop a spiritual practice that allows you to align (hang out) with your Soul so that you can nurture this sacred relationship. This sacred relationship is vital because it is the source of your personal fountain of joy– effervescent and never-ending.

When you begin creating your life in partnership with your Soul-self, from a place where synchronicity is abundant, good-timing is divine, and the Universe is constantly showing up to love you even more. The result is transformational magic. Because true transformation is not about becoming something you’re not, it’s about becoming your truest, deepest self. And when you operate aligned with your Soul-self, your life becomes fulfilling on all levels—physical and spiritual.

I’ll teach you to practice what I like to call joyful intuitive inquiry, which offers a way for you to see a world (physical and non-physical) that’s working for you instead of against you. This process reminds you that everything is connected and encourages you to create and live with awareness.

Let’s work together to apply the magic formula in your life!

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